Orthodontics is the dentistry chamber that handles the care of the uncorrect position of the jaws and teeth and the surrounding anatomic structures: central nervous system,face and masticatory musculature and it's skeletal components.

The Orthodontic treatment involves the usage of fixed or removable appliance,which modify the skeletal and tissue structure by guided movements of the teeth,while taking care of the facial contours and aiming to gain a better appearance and  better self-confidence for the patient.


In MayasDental are applied different kind of orthodontic treatments:


Interceptive Orthodontics ( Orthopedic and Functional) is used in still growing patients. It's goals are improving the deficiency in the young age using the growth forces and preventing complicated treatments in permanent dentition. Interceptive appliances are most usually mobile appliances.


Fixed Orthodontics is usually used  for adult patients with a permanent dentition.This kind of appliances are fixed and can not be removed by the patient . The dental reposition is achieved by the mechanic forces which are produced by the orthodontic arches,elastics,springs etc.

Invisalign Orthodontics 

The Invisalign Treatment consists from invisible and removable aligners which are personalised for every single patients.The final position of the teeth is achieved by discreet movements that proceed day by day,week by week and is programmed by the virtual 3D program (software ClinCheck®). The patient has a possibility to consult the recent,mid-way and final results of the treatment.

With Invisalign® we treat malocclusions:


- Over crowded jaws
- Irregular spaces (Diastema)
- Over bite( Deep-bite )

- Overjet ( Overbite )
- Cross bite 
- Open bite
- Irregular central lines of the jaws



In MayasDental are available innovative orthodontic solutions,personalised for each patient demand and possibility.

There is no age limit.

The orthodontic treatment can be done on every level of the life path:

Work together for a better and healthy smile that will last a life time!

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